Shift thinking


It just got a lot easier.

We started from scratch. And thought beyond the car. Meet Lynk & Co.


We’ve made cars and car ownership smarter.

By making it easier than ever to navigate urban living, we’ve made it simple to buy, and to share.


We’ve made it connected.

The key is digital so it’s easy to lend to your friends and family, at any point, because it’s always online.


So you can focus on the important things.

A range of connected technologies are included, to help you save time, because cars don’t always get you there.

Dedicated to changing the way we move through cities

Lynk & Co is a new approach to car ownership.

Buy, share, subscribe or borrow. No matter what you choose, you get it all.


A digital native car that’s online 24/7.

Stay connected and access services to simplify your life like in-car deliveries and maintenance while you sleep.


An app that enables better sharing.

An easier way to manage a car between a group of people, and a way to let Lynk & Co members borrow it as well.


The most advanced car experience.

Bringing together the automotive and technological expertise of Europe and China.


Be part of Lynk & Co.