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Choosing a car’s supposed to be easy. We’ve created a new way of doing it - so all you need to do is choose one you like the look of.

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Fewer options, more

Everything we do is about big, complex, revolutionary ideas
simple, everyday reality.

Take a step back...

Rock-solid construction, sleek Swedish lines and a bold, muscular stance all make for a quietly confident presence.

Sharp on the outside...

Like the city they’re designed to inhabit and the drivers they’re made to serve, every expression of the 01 reflects a sense of refined urban sophistication with an explicit, no-nonsense edge.

...then step up

Take a closer look and you notice that every last detail is perfectly finished. Even the details have details.

...and sophisticated on the inside

Step inside and you’re immediately at home. Everything’s right where you would expect to find it - and everything you wouldn’t expect is right there, too. High-spec materials, high-tech features and low-key luxury.


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