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Information about cookies on

We use cookies (not the dessert kind) on our website ( Cookies are a small text files that are downloaded on to your browser when you visit a website. For the most part, we use cookies to make the website function properly.

If you consent, cookies are also placed on your browser to:
• Analyze how our website is used; 
• Analyze how successful our marketing is; and,
• Show relevant ads from us on Facebook, Google and other third party websites.

In this information about our use of cookies, you can e.g. read about how and why we use cookies and how you can go about avoiding them.

We mainly make use of normal cookies such as ”http cookies”, but we also make use of more advanced cookies such as pixel cookies from Google and Facebook. You can read more about the cookies from Google and Facebook on respective company’s website (to which we provide links below).

We make use of both session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are cookies that expire at the end of a browser session and persistent cookies are cookies that are stored on a user’s browser in-between sessions. The storage period for each cookie that we make use of is listed in the tables below.

How to avoid cookies


• Through the settings in your browser, you can block certain types of cookies. If you block certain types of cookies, your browser will automatically deny storage of these cookies or inform you each time a website (such as ours) requests to place such cookies. If you block or delete cookies that are necessary for the functionality of our website, all functions on our website will not work as intended and you will not be able to use all functions on our website. In the tables below, we explain what happens if you block or delete this kind of cookie. 
• When you visit our website, you can choose not to consent to our use of certain cookies. Furthermore, if you have consented to our use of certain cookies, you can withdraw your consent at any time through your browser settings.
• After visiting our website, you can check and delete the persistent cookies that have been placed on your browser. To help you do this, we have indicated the name of each cookie in the tables below.

Who is responsible for the use of cookies on


LYNK & CO International AB, a company registered in Sweden with company organization number 559151-8161, (“Lynk & Co”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is responsible for the use of cookies on the website Should you have any questions about our use of cookies, your rights, and how to contact us, read our Privacy Policy.

Third party cookies


We use third party cookies from Facebook and Google on our website. These third parties will use the information that is collected through the use of cookies for their own purposes. In the tables below you will find more information about these third party cookies and what they are used for as well as where you can find more information. Google and Facebook store information on servers in the USA and have been Privacy Shield certified to be able to transfer personal data outside the EU/EEA in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. In our Privacy Policy we provide more information about transfers of personal data outside of the EU/EEA.

You have the right to complain


If you want to make a complaint regarding our use of cookies, you can contact your supervisory authority. The supervisory authority in Sweden is the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority which monitors the electronic communications and postal sectors in Sweden. Click on the following link for contact details to the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority. 

Your privacy is important to us


To protect your privacy, we have taken measures to avoid identifying you when you visit our website. For instance, only an encrypted version of your IP address is stored so that we cannot track who you are. When information that can be connected to you as an individual, directly or indirectly, is processed, we process this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Cookies that are not strictly essential for providing the website (only used if you consent)


The following cookies are only used if you consent to us placing them on your browser. If you do not consent, we will not place the cookies. The next time you visit our website we will ask for your consent to us placing the cookies on your browser again. Your consent is voluntary, and you can withdraw a consent at any time through your browser settings.

If you block/delete the these cookies, we will have less data to develop our website and marketing form

To improve the website


Purpose & description

In order to analyze how you use our website and analyze how successful our marketing is, cookies from Google's analytics service are placed on your browser. These cookies place a random ID on your browser to distinguish you as a visitor and see patterns in your usage of our website. We collect information about your encrypted IP address, your location and other information on how you use our website, e.g. what you click on, from which website you are browsing and how many times you have visited our website. The information is used to optimize functioning, loading speed and to modify the website and our marketing to become better adapted to our visitors.  For the same purposes as those mentioned above, we also place similar cookies from Sitecore. You can avoid cookies from Google Analytics by downloading and installing this browser program. 

If you block/delete the above cookies, we will have less data to develop our website and marketing from.

Name of cookieStorage period
_gatCookie from Google, stored for 1 minute
_gidCookie from Google, stored for 24 hours
_gaCookie from Google, stored for 2 years
_gacCookie from Google, stored for 90 days
SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIECookie from Google, stored for 10 years

To show you relevant offers and marketing


Purpose & description

To show you relevant advertising when you visit other websites and Facebook and to follow up on such advertising, cookies are placed from Facebook’s as well as Google’s marketing services. This means that you can see search results and advertising banners from Lynk & Co, based on your previous use of our website and other information that Facebook and Google has about you (so called ”profiling”). You will for example see advertisements from us which we believe are relevant for you based on your use of our website.

Technically, the above is done by placing a unique ID on your browser to recognize your movements on different websites. Here you can make choices regarding the advertising you see from Facebook under the heading ad settings, and you can choose what advertising you would like to see on Facebook. Here you can make the same choices for Google. Facebook and Google will also use the collected information for their own purposes as described in their respective information about cookies. 

If you block/delete these cookies, you will see less advertising adapted to your preferences.



Cookies that are essential for providing the website


These cookies are placed on your browser when you visit our website. These cookies are necessary in order for us to provide a service you have explicitly requested and therefore your consent is not required for our use of these cookies. 

If you block/delete the cookies above, our website will not function the way it is intended.

For the functionality of our website

Purpose and description

To keep track of whether you have given your consent to our cookie policy or not, this cookie is placed on your browser to remember your eventual consents to our use of cookies. The different cookies listed are varies with your geographical market. 

Name of cookieStorage period
OptanonConsentCookie stored for 1 year after your visit
LK-Web-C-T0Cookie stored for 1 year after your visit
LK-Web-C-T1Cookie stored for 1 year after your visit
LK-Web-C-T2Cookie stored for 1 year after your visit
LK-Web-C-T3Cookie stored for 1 year after your visit
LK-Web-C-T4Cookie stored for 1 year after your visit



Purpose and description

To technically make our website work, we place this cookie on your browser to enable us to keep track of your session.

Name of cookieStorage period
ASP.NET_SessionIdCookie from Sitecore, stored until you close the browser



Purpose and description

Stores context language of the current site.

Name of cookieStorage period
{website}#langCookie from Sitecore, stored until you close the browser

 Purpose and description


Purpose and description

Be able to integrate with flockler, a service which enable us to showcase our social media postings on our website. 

Name of cookieStorage period
_flockler_sessionCookie from flockler, stored until you close the browser



Purpose and description

We also place cookies on your browser to technically provide our chat function on the website to you and to make sure that the chat on the website works as intended. These cookies are used to e.g. identify your browser which enables us to remember ongoing and previous chats as well as to know from where you are visiting our website. 

Name of cookieStorage period
LPSessionIDCookie for chat, stored until you close the browser
LPVIDCookie stored for 1 year after your visit
LPVisitorIDCookie stored for 1 year after your visit