Protect Every Trip with All-domain Safety

Global Five-star Safety Standards to
Guarantee the Safety of Drivers and Passengers in Multiple Situations

Advanced Safety Structure

The design of energy absorbing structure adopted many patents to protect
the safety of occupants through the rational guidance of the impact energy;
73.2% utilization rate of high-strength steel for body work, combined with
the design of cage body structure, to bring you safety from inside out.

Air-purifying Cabin

It effectively keeps pollutants out of the car and protect the health of passengers:
• CN95-level filter for air conditioner
• AQS (Air Quality System)
• Active cabin cleaning system

L2 +Intelligent Driving Assistance System

The combination of the fourth generation of millimeter wave radar + camera algorithm is
adopted, making it smarter, more accurate and safer.

TJA (Traffic Jam Assistant)

LAt 0-60km/h, the system actively maintains lanes and controls throttle and brakes, intelligently adjusting the vehicle's speed and direction.

ELKA (Emergency Lane Keeping Assistant)

When the vehicle deviates toward the edge of the road or an obstacle, ELKA will intervene to help the vehicle re-enter the intended drive path.