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Save the road trip!

The expectations of a happy summertime road trip with a smiling bunch in the back don’t always match the reality of backseat drivers, “Are we there yet” comments and the partner who refuses to type in directions as they “know” where it is. But fear not! Lynk & Co is on a mission to save the road trip with a car packed with tricks up its sleeves. Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself.

Say hello to the road trip savior

How we gonna save it? By offering the ultimate road-trip vehicle. It’s called 01, and it’s packed with features that will turn that frown upside down. 

The awkward-silence killer – The in-car app Let’s Chat turns every trip into a cocktail party (minus the cocktail bit).
Ice cold beverages – If life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And keep it cool in our cooled glove box.



Sidequest finder – Stuck in a rut? The app Pretty Near spots close-by attractions to keep things interesting.

Roadside gaming – Level up your road trips with Scoreyteller, an app that’ll help you play games on the go.

Road trip selfie – Capture the real moments of your highway adventures with 01's Journey Camera.

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Hidden gems for your staycation

The secret to a great staycation is finding those hidden gems. To help you out, we asked our club staff for their pro trip tips:

Stockholm gem: A 15-minute drive from the capital lies Hellasgården – a small oasis for nature trail hikes and wild swims in a calm lake embraced by picturesque forests.

Gothenburg gem: Keep heading north until you reach Tjörn – a stunning archipelago on the west coast and home to one of Europe's finest sculpture parks.

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Road trip stories

Digging out a car in a desert? Check! Food poisoned on an 18-hour bus trip from the Czech Republic to Sweden? Check! Passing through a tiger sanctuary, at night, with heavy rain, and a flat tire? Triple check! We asked some of our friends to share their best – and worst! – road trip memories. Check them out on our Instagram. And while you're there, share yours too – and tag us on Instagram.

Tales from the roads

Escape for awhile

f you feel the need to pull that emergency road trip brake, we got you. At every club in Europe, we’ve prepared an escape room. No, not the kind where you’ll have to solve a bunch of mysteries in order to escape, but a room where you can escape for a moment. Just say  “Can I be frank” and our staff will escort you to the escape room, and the rest of your company can stay behind and enjoy a beverage in your absence.

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