Buy the car

Yep. You can buy the 01.

What's included?

  • Well, pretty much everything! There's no negotiating with pushy salesmen here. All the "add-ons" are included.
  • Access the built-in car sharing platform, digital keys, full connectivity features, and in-car apps.
  • Don't worry about the boring stuff. A warranty is always included, moreover optional we can help you to get a good insurance for a fair price.

Are you in?

  • Cars will arrive in spring 2021, but join the waitlist now to secure your place in line.
  • Pay a 100% refundable €500 deposit to confirm your place on the waiting list
  • Can't wait to get behind the wheel? Keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter for info on test drives (coming soon!).

Explore financing options. 

  • Don't want to pay all at once? We've also arranged financing options.
  • Choose between two options: a balloon loan or a linear loan.
  • A linear loan has a set duration and amount that you pay monthly for your entire contract.
  • A balloon loan is paid throughout the term and then with a larger residual payment at the end. (No actual balloons involved. Sorry.)
Walking on the street