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How do I send a booking request?

What can I book?

How to book a car?

Understanding the rental price.

What driver's licenses does Lynk & Co accept?

Driving abroad.

How do I start a booking?

How do I end a booking?

How do I extend or modify a booking?

Does Lynk & Co charge a security deposit?

How does refuelling work?

Cleanliness Rules

Reporting a dirty, damaged or poor condition car at the start of the booking.

How do penalty notices work?

How do cancellations work?

What If I can't find the car?

What if I can't lock/unlock the car?

Returning the vehicle to the correct location.

How do tolls work?

Do I need to bring my driver's license?

What should I do if I can't signup?

How do I request a refund if the Lender cancels?

What happens if I can't return the car to the agreed location?

Other questions

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