Insurance and assistance.

Learn about insurance for car sharing and making condition reports to make sure that you’re protected.

How does insurance work?

Booking of a Lynk & Co Car via the Platform always includes insurance, paid for by the Borrower as part of the Rental Fee.  The Insurance is valid from the Starting Time and Ending Time within the Sharing Period (The time between the borrower picking up & dropping off the car). The period of time before and after the Starting Time and Ending Time, even if within the Sharing Period, will not be covered by the Insurance but instead should be covered by the Shared Car’s own insurance . 

Any damages or accidents occurring during the Starting Time and the Ending Time  must be immediately reported to the Lynk & Co Engagement Center. 

The Insurance is governed by separate terms and conditions (‘Insurance Terms’) which can be found below on the page. 

In the event that damage is covered by the Insurance, the Borrower will be obliged to pay a damage handling fee to Lynk & Co (corresponding to the deductible) of €1000,00 (one thousand euro) or 8500 SEK.


How does the journey gaurantee work?

Lynk & Co cars on the car sharing platform must have roadside assistance coverage. This coverage includes Borrowers when the car is used for car sharing. In the unlikely event of an accident or if the car breaks down the roadside assistance coverage will try and get you back on the road as soon as possible. If it is not possible to fix the car at the side of the road the roadside assistance coverage can also include overnight accommodation and taxi/train/plane tickets back to the start/end location.

For full coverage please check the roadside assistance coverage LINK


Understanding how much damaging the car will cost.

The Car Sharing insurance damage handling fee is 1000 euros or 8500 sek. If the damage is covered by the Car Sharing Insurance damaging the car will cost the cost of the repair or the cost of the deductible, whichever is lowest. If the damage is not covered by the Car Sharing Insurance you the Borrower will be responsible for the full cost of the repair. For full details of the insurance covered, please see the link below. 

Tracking an open help & support case. 

Via the help & support center, web or app. 

What happens if the car is stolen during a booking?

If you suspect the car has been stolen during a booking you must immediately report this to the police. When you have done this you should also report this to the engagement center. 

Can I get a replacement car?

No, the car sharing platform & roadside assistance does not include a replacement car for the Borrower in the event of an accident or a malfunction during a car sharing booking that cannot be fixed by the side of the road - you will instead have the option to return to the start/end location as part of the roadside assistance benefits & journey guarantee.

What would invalidate the insurance coverage?

Check the insurance coverage terms & conditions.

How does the condition report work?

As a Borrower you complete two condition reports, once when picking up the car, once when dropping the car off. The condition report helps to protect your liability for any damage to the car that may occur outside of the sharing period.

Can I opt out of Lynk & Co car sharing insurance?

No, it is not possible to opt out of Lynk & Co’s car sharing insurance. Lynk & Co’s car sharing insurance covers every booking.

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