Your membership is free, so you’ll only pay for your car sharing bookings. Explore how payments work when you borrow.

My Payment failed.

If your payment fails you will be unable to make a booking reservation. Your payment may have failed for a number of reasons:

1. Lack of funds/you have reached your spending limit. Oops.
2. Expired payment method. Check your payment information underneath ‘my pages’ and make sure it all looks good
3. 3Dsecure failure. 3Dsecure is handled by your bank, often by sending a text message or notification to your smartphone – make sure you have updated your customer information at your bank e.g. if you have changed phone number recently or else contact your bank directly.
4. Incorrect payment details. Check your payment information underneath ‘my pages’ and make sure it all looks good

Managing payment settings & Billing information.

You can manage your payment settings under the ‘payments’ section of the app under My Pages.

Here you can select your default payment method, add a new payment method or edit an existing payment method.


How do receipts work?

Your car sharing receipts will be emailed to the email address you have linked to your user account. You can edit your email address under Personal Information.

Your receipt will contain a breakdown of the total cost of your bookings, including any taxes.


How much are Lynk & Co's service fees?

Lynk & Co will introduce service fees per hr & per day in summer 2021. From launch Lynk & Co will not be charging any service fees in any markets.

Understanding the difference between daily & hourly bookings.

The first 6 hours of any 24 hour period are charged at an hourly rate.

• The remaining 18 of any 24 hours period are charged at a daily rate.

Pricing examples

1. A 5 hours booking will cost 5x the hourly rate + 5x the hourly service fee
2. A 20 hour booking will cost 1x the daily rate + 1x the daily service fee
3. A 28 hour booking will cost 1x the daily rate + 4x the hourly rate + 1x the daily service fee + 4x the hourly service fee.

What payment methods can I use?

Credit or Debit Card only. You must have setup a valid payment method to use car sharing. 

What happens if my payment fails?

If your payment reservation fails, your booking request will fail. You should check your payment settings and make sure you have enough funds available.

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