Getting your 01 ready. 

Taking on your first car share booking? Here’s how to get your car ready. (Spoiler: it’s really easy.)

Preparing my car to use car sharing.

1. Make sure your car meets the requirements for listing on the platform as specified in the terms & conditions.
2. Setup a start/end location using the mobile app:
a. A start/end location has a diameter of 100m. Your car must be parked in this location before the start of any confirmed bookings.
b. Lynk & Co recommend parking your car in good time, 30 minutes before a booking is due to start.
c. Your start/end location can be permanent (have no end time) or be time limited e.g. if you only want to make your car available for a limited period of time.
d. Your parked vehicle location will only be shared to a borrower if:
i. The borrower has a confirmed booking.
ii. The booking starts in less than 30 minutes.
iii. The car is parked within the start/end location.
3. Set your price, it’s entirely up to you!
a. Set a price per hour.
b. Set a price per day.

Warning lights / Oil / Tyres / Brakes.

If you have any warning lights / notification in the car you must not share your car and cancel any upcoming bookings. If you have any warnings in your app you must not share your car and cancel any upcoming bookings.Your car must have sufficient fluid levels for oil & washer fluid to cover the duration of the booking. Your car must be equipped with all required safety equipment for your country of registration, which must be in good working order including appropriate tires for the time of year in countries where winter tires are required by law.

Access information / Additional information.

As a Lender you have the option to add additional information to a pickup / dropoff location. This information will not be public and is only revealed to a Borrower with a confirmed booking, 30 minutes before the start of the booking. If you wish to share sensitive information such as communal access codes to a garage, please make sure you have permission to do so.

Providing information on additional equipment.

As a Lender you have the option to add more information about your vehicle. For now this is limited to if your car has / doesn’t have a tow hook but may include additional options in the future such as roof racks, top boxes, baby seats etc.

What if I have a workshop booking?

If your car is due for a service or workshop booking it is up to you to make sure you do not have any overlapping bookings.

Can I share several cars at the same time?

Yes, a maximum of two cars per owner can be shared on the platform at a time per owner / main contract holder.

Does Lynk & Co have any quality or cleanliness standards?

As a Lender you are responsible for making sure your car is clean at the start of every booking.

1. Borrowers will document the condition of the car before & after every booking
2. Borrowers must return the car in the same, or better, condition than the condition they find it in.
3. Borrowers will give you a star rating at the end of the booking and cleanliness / vehicle condition may play a factor in this.
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