Insurance and assistance.

How exactly does insurance work when you lend out your car? Get all the details here.

How does Insurance work?

All bookings made via the Lynk & Co car sharing platform are covered by insurance – Borrower’s pay for the cost of the insurance as part of the Service Fee. The Insurance is valid from the time the Borrower unlock the vehicle at the start of the booking to the time the Borrower locks the vehicle at the end of the booking.

Any damages that occur between the start and end time must be immediately reported to the Lynk & Co Engagement Center. The Engagement Center will then contact the Lender to inform them of the situation and discuss insurance, replacement car & repair options.

In some circumstances there may be a delay between an accident/damage occurring and our Engagement Center team reaching out – if you are worried about your car at any point during a car sharing booking please contact the Engagement Center for more information. For all terms and conditions, please see the link below. 

The period of time before the Borrower unlocks the car at the start of the booking & the period of time after the Borrower locks the car are covered by the Lender’s own insurance policy.

In the event that damage is covered by the Insurance, the Borrower will be obliged to pay a damage handling fee to Lynk & Co (corresponding to the deductible) of €1000,00 (one thousand euro) or 8500 SEK for SE.


Can I opt out of Lynk & Co car sharing insurance?

It is not possible to opt out of Lynk & Co’s car sharing insurance. Lynk & Co’s car sharing insurance is mandatory for every booking.

Roadside assistance

Lynk & Co cars listed on the platform are required to have roadside assistance service (‘RSA’). All Borrower will be covered by the Lender's RSA during the sharing period. For full details of what is roadside assistance, including the journey completion, please refer to the roadside assistance policy.

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