Manage bookings.
How to accept bookings, start and end a session, cancel a booking, and more.

Accepting a booking request.

When you have set a start/end location, a price & made your car available you will start to receive booking requests from potential borrower’s. Make sure you have allowed notifications so that you are always notified of new booking requests

As a Lender, you will always get to choose if you want to accept or reject a booking request. You are under no obligation to accept a booking request that does not suit you. When you receive a new booking request you will receive a notification & a main room card. Lenders can accept/reject a booking request from the main room or click through to a detailed view of the booking. Booking requests timeout after 24hrs OR 10 minutes after a booking start time, whichever is soonest.

Starting & Ending a Rental.

Before the start of the booking (Lynk & Co recommend 30 minutes before the start of a booking) Lenders must:

1. Make sure your car is parked in the pre-defined start/end location. 
a. When parking you must ensure that your car is legally parked for the duration of the booking period. E.g. not in a time limited parking spot.
2. Make sure the car is clean and tidy.
3. Make sure the car has at least 50%  (half a tank) of fuel remaining.

Accepting the peer to peer agreement.

By signing up to and using car sharing you accept that all bookings are governed by the peer to peer agreement, as specified in the terms & conditions. This is a private agreement between you, the Lender and the Borrower.

Extending a booking.

During an ongoing booking Borrowers can request to extend the booking up to another 2 hours. This will be charged as additional hours at the hourly price. As a Lender you will receive a notification when a Borrower requests a booking extension. It is up to you to accept/reject the booking extension. Booking extension requests will time out at the end of the original booking period.

How do cancellations work?

Cancellation period for booking requests
Borrower can cancel any unaccepted booking requests at any time with no charge. Lenders can reject an booking requests at any time with no charge.

Cancellation period for accepted booking requests
Borrowers & Lenders can cancel accepted bookings with no cancellation charge

1. More than 24hrs before a booking starts.
2. Within 1 hour of the Lender accepting the booking request.

However in all cases it is not possible to cancel a booking after the booking start time.
Late cancellations
Late cancellation and no-show fees apply for booking cancelled outside of the of the cancellation period. For full details see the terms & conditions. Late cancellation fees / compensation are on-request. If you think that you are owed compensation from the lender/borrower for a late cancellation please contact Lynk & Co’s help & support center.

What driver's licenses do you accept?

Lenders must sign up with a category B EU driver’s license.

Why do you need my license as a Lender?

This is used for identification & anti-money laundering reasons.

Does the Borrower have to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel?

The Borrower has to return the vehicle with at least 50% of a tank of fuel. The Borrower is charged for any fuel difference at a market-based fuel price and this is added (or in come cases removed) from the Borrowers final bill.

What happens if the Borrower returns the car with less fuel than it started?

If the Borrower returns the car with less fuel the additional fuel cost will be added to the Borrower’s final bill. Fuel costs are calculated based on Lynk & Co’s market fuel price.

What happens if the Borrower returns the car with more fuel than it started with?

If the Borrower returns the car with more fuel the additional fuel cost will be deducted from the Borrower’s final bill. Fuel costs are calculated based on Lynk & Co’s market fuel price. If the additional fuel cost ever exceeds the market fee then the market fee may be reduced to 0 euros/sek but the Lender will never owe the Borrower money for fuel.

Can someone other than the Borrower pick up or drive the car?

No – this will invalidate the insurance and is against our terms and conditions. Doing this may result in a ban from the platform.

How can I request compensation for a cancellation?

By phoning the engagement center or starting a help & support case via the mobile app / website.

Can I organise several bookings back to back?

Yes, however it is the Lenders responsibility to ensure that the car is prepared for all bookings i.e. is parked in the right place at the right time, is refueled to at least 50%, is clean and tidy.

Can I just give my key to the Borrower?


Who can accept/reject booking requests?

Only the vehicle owner or the named contract owner can accept/reject booking requests.

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