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When should I report any new damage I notice at the end of a booking?

If you return to your car and notice some new damage that you suspect occurred during the booking your must immediately perform a damage report. You must do this before getting in and starting the car. Starting the car and driving after a booking will be taken as an acceptance of the condition your car was returned in.

How to report new damage?

Via the mobile app help & support center. Click “Report car issue”. Select which car (if you have multiple). Select “the car is damaged” and follow the instructions in the app.

This will create a new help & support case to track any subsequent insurance claims, compensation & repair.


What happens if there is an accident during a booking?

If your car breaks down during a booking the Borrower is covered by your existing roadside assistance coverage.

If the vehicle can be fixed by the side of the road the Borrower will continue the booking as normal and return your car at the end of the booking.

If the vehicle cannot be fixed at the side of the road and needs to be taken to a workshop for repair our engagement center will reach out to inform you of the situation and any repairs, replacement cars etc to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


What happens if I think my car has been stolen?

Please report this to the engagement center who can support with stolen vehicle tracking & remote immobilization.

How do I track an open help & support case?

Via your account on the web or app.

Guide to penalty notices.

The Borrower is responsible for any penalty notices received during the rental, however you the Lender may still receive a ticket days or weeks after a booking has ended. This is because tickets are usually sent to the address you have associated with your drivers license.

The Borrower is also responsible for any parking tickets up to 24hrs after ending the booking – The Borrower must always make sure the car is legally parked for at least 24hrs at the end of a booking.

Compensation for a penalty charge
If no crime has been committed (e.g. a parking fine not a speeding ticket) Lynk & Co recommend that you pay for the ticket as soon as possible, often this will be at a reduced rate. Once you have paid for the ticket submit your ticket + receipt to the engagement center who will forward this cost to the Borrower to compensate you for the cost of a ticket + something extra for the inconvenience.

Challenging a penalty
If you intend to challenge a penalty (e.g. a speeding ticket that may have legal implications such as points on your license) do not pay the fine/fee. This can be seen as an admission of guilt. Usually all you need to challenge a penalty fee is the name & address of the Borrower. This can be found on your final receipt.


Guide to late returns & returns to the wrong location.

The Borrower is responsible for making sure the car is returned on time back to the start/end location. If the Borrower returns the car late you may be entitled to compensation for the inconvenience. See the terms & conditions for more information & if you think you are eligible for late-return compensation than get in touch with our engagement center who will forward the late return fee to the Borrower on your behalf.

If the vehicle is returned to the wrong location get in touch with the engagement center and Lynk & Co will assist you in recovering your vehicle and forward any fees associated with vehicle recovery + compensation to the Borrower on your behalf.


What if my car is returned dirty?

The Borrower should always return the car in the same condition that they find it. The Borrower is not required to clean the Shared Car at the end of the Sharing Period unless it has been excessively soiled (for example if there are visible traces of mud, food, crumbs or sand in the interior of the Shared Car or if there is excessive dirt on the exterior of the Shared Car due to travelling on muddy or dirty roads).  

If you feel that the car has been returned excessively dirty you must:
1. Start a new help & support case BEFORE you start and drive the car again.
2. Document the state of the returned vehicle.
3. Pay for getting your car cleaned and submit a receipt to the engagement center.
4. Lynk & Co will forward the cost of the cleaning + an additional fee to the Borrower on your behalf.

What if I have an issue with the Borrower?

If you have an issue with the Borrower that is not covered in the existing terms & conditions please get in touch with our engagement center and let us know the situation + any proof you have.

In some cases you may have to settle a dispute with the Borrower directly. Lynk & Co can support your case by providing you with information related to your booking.
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