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Step into the Co:lab

Apr 2020

From our first day at Lynk & Co we set out to embrace absurd ideas and work with them to discover new opportunities (whilst accepting that whilst the line between absurd and inspired can be thin; sometimes what you see really is what you’ve got!). Most of all we set out to be open. We realized that this was both the key to staying relevant as well as staying at the cutting edge. Also, as the internet is so happy to show us, out there is a world full of incredible creativity and risk takers willing to push new ideas forward. We wondered if we could be the place to make them happen. 

We decided to set up a creative hub where we could interact with thinkers, dreamers, creatives and misfits and enable them to interact with each other. It’s a community that can build ideas, tweak existing features, get peer reviewed (via community votes), and hopefully we would see absurd ideas grow into a concept which we could turn into a reality. We call it Co:lab. 

With our Co:lab platform, we have taken our first step towards building a collaborative ecosystem that allows anyone to generate shared value. Take a look and see some of the ideas from other contributors (roof top greenhouse anyone?) and sign in to comment, encourage, and add you own ideas. 

Take a look