Sustainability at
Lynk & Co.

We know that as a car manufacturer, we’re part of the problem. We also know that bold action is needed to change that. That’s why we’re not only making the 01 more sustainable, we’re also creating a more sustainable alternative to traditional car ownership. We’ve committed to the UN Global Compact to hold ourselves accountable to our sustainability goals.
Car sharing

Is caring. 

It’s not enough to just make cars more efficient, we also want to change how people use their cars. By empowering our members to share their cars, we can consume fewer resources, reduce the need for individual cars, and use our urban space better. That’s why the 01 was designed with a built-in sharing platform and sharable digital keys.

The 01

A greener way to go. 

Whether you own your 01 or borrow one, you can be sure that it was designed with sustainability in mind. We only offer electrified cars, and the 01 is available as a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) or a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). In fact, the PHEV’s 69 km range is enough for most people to do their daily driving using only electric power​. The 01 is also the first car in the world to feature seats with ECONYL® material, a regenerated nylon made of recycled fishing nets and other waste materials. And that's just the beginning.


Making the world better, together. 

We’re always seeking out sustainable partners to collaborate with. We’re particularly proud to work with Swedish non-profits Mitt Liv and West Pride to support their organizations and promote inclusivity. We’ve also curated a selection of eco-friendly, sustainable, and independent brands to carry their products in our Clubs.

What measures are you taking to reduce CO2 emissions from your operations? 

We're always working to reduce our environmental footprint. In our Clubs, we're done everything from banning single use plastics to choosing sustainable materials. Another important step has been ensuring all our locations across Europe, such as offices and Clubs are powered by 100% renewable energy. 

How do you work with equality & diversity in the Lynk & Co team?  

Inclusiveness is deeply important to Lynk & Co, and we work actively to promote equality and diversity. The Lynk & Co team has a 50/50 gender split (and the same split applies to our management team). To further our commitment, we're proud partners of West Pride and Mitt Liv, two Swedish NGOs working for a more inclusive society. 

How do you work with anti-corruption? 

Our Code of Conduct sets the standard for how we act, both as we conduct our business and how we treat each other internally. Anti-corruption is a key part of that. To ensure compliance with our Code, everyone in the Lynk & Co team goes through training. You find our full Code here.

How do you work with suppliers on sustainability? 

To make sure our partners share our sustainability values, we have developed a Code of Conduct for Business Partners. It outlines our expectations of all our business partners and suppliers in areas of human rights, environmental protection, and ethical business conduct. You find our full Code here.