Drive the 01

Longing for a test drive?

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Test drive locations:

How do I book a test drive?

Test drives are available from all of our Club locations, as well as at various tour stops and locations around Europe. Visit our Meet Us page or contact us to find a test drive location near you.

How do I test drive the 01 at a tour stop?

Test drives are available by reservation. It’s easy: just contact us to find a time that works and book in your test drive! Space is limited so book soon.

How  can I  choose a specific location for the Test Drive?

When you call us to book your test drive, you can choose the location that's most convenient for you. 

Does it cost anything to test drive?

Nope. It's free!

What are the requirements to take a test drive? 

To take a test drive, you need to be at least 18 years old and you must bring your valid drivers license to the booking. Once you get to the Club, you'll also have to sign a waiver.

What car can I test drive?

Come and test drive our Plug-in Hybrid 01! We'll show you all the fun features and, since everything awesome comes standard, it will all come included if you sign up for a membership or buy the car.

For how long can I test drive?

We will ensure you get the time you need to take the car for a spin, at least 30 minutes. Plus there will be as much time as you need afterwards to get all your questions answered. 

How do you secure Covid-19 regulations? 

We disinfect the cars between each test drive and we follow all the local regulations and recommendations. Hand sanitizer is readily available througout the Club and face masks are availabel and encouraged. You will take the test drive alone, without any Lynk & Co crew.