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Lynk & Co can help your organization achieve its sustainability targets, lower costs, and enjoy a hassle-free customer experience. Oh, and we make some really, really good cars too.
Car under a bridge

The all-in-one 01.

We like things simple—but smart. The Lynk & Co 01 car comes fully equipped with all the features and perks that you would normally have to pay extra for. No upselling. No negotiations. This makes it easy to share cars across employees, and you never have to worry about getting a specification wrong. 

Sustainability is key.

The 01 is a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV and PHEV) to reduce fuel consumption.  Beyond the car, our business model itself is built to be green. Since we own and maintain our own cars, we extend service intervals to increase your uptime and lower running cost. We’ll also never produce more cars than the market demands, ensuring that we limit the biggest cost of mobility, car depreciation.

Lynk & Co 01 model

We are here to help.

Lynk & Co owns all our customer touchpoints, which means consistently great service throughout the entire lifecycle of the car. All you’ll need to do is get in touch by phone, email, or our mobile app. We’ll help tailor your plan to you, deliver the cars, keep track of your maintenance schedule, update the cars over the air, and more. We’ll even pick up the cars and bring them to our workshop when they need maintenance. Everything is organized and comes included.

The bottom line.

We’re not just building innovative cars, we’re changing the way the industry works. For you, that means lower prices and better service. As a young company, we don’t have any legacy processes holding us back, which means we’ve been able to streamline everything from factory to distribution. The bottom line? Competitive pricing and white-glove service.  

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