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The Lynk & Co 01 comes in two models: Plug-in hybrid and Hybrid electric. The Plug-in hybrid gives you our longest electric range for a greener ride. It’s easy: Plug it in. Charge it up. Drive up to 69 km using pure electric power. Repeat.
Lynk & Co 01 blue fender led lights

Double engines, twice the fun

Going hybrid doesn’t mean compromised performance. It's the other way around. 261 horsepower is no small thing. Enjoy a smooth acceleration and the quiet engine when driving all-electric. If you need a little more power, the fuel engine will kick in.


Lynk & Co 01, choose between three Drive modes

A mode for every mood

Choose between three Drive modes, to suit different driving styles and circumstances. 'Hybrid' aims for low average fuel consumption, 'Pure' goes only electric unless you accelerate hard or drive above 120 km/h, and 'Power' gives you a dynamic driving experience with a more agile response.

Charge your Lynk & 01 overnight whilst you sleep, just like your smartphone

Simple charging

Charge your 01 while you sleep, just like your smartphone. A full charge takes from 2.5 to 4.5 hours depending on charging station. The 01 also has regenerative charging to boost efficiency so your battery charges when you stop or go downhill.

Lynk & Co 01 Blue save on fuel cost by driving all-electric

Cost savings

Cut fuel costs by driving all-electric on shorter trips. In the 01 you can drive up to 69 km (81 km city driving) so you would only need to fuel up for long-distance journeys.
In addition, you will have other savings for driving a low-emission vehicle.

The 01 has lower CO2 emissions than an average petrol or diesel car

Greener lifestyle

The 01 has lower CO2 emissions than your average petrol or diesel car. You can also pre-set the temperature to save energy when you set off. And by sharing your 01 you can prevent another car from being built.

Lynk & Co Blue fuel lid

Battery-electric motor and petrol engine

The 01 Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) offers the versatility to drive using either electric energy or a combination of petrol and electric. But in this case, you only need to worry about the fuel tank. The battery charges itself when you drive the car.

Lynk & Co HEV black rim

Regenerative braking

Turn your car’s kinetic energy into electricity that will charge its battery. This means less work for the engine and lower fuel consumption. With that said, brake it till you make it.


Plug-in hybrid or Hybrid electric?

What's the difference between the plug-in hybrid and the hybrid electric? The Lynk & Co 01 plug-in hybrid combines the strengths of the petrol car and the electric vehicle. It can be driven 60–80 km using only electricity, and when the battery is depleted or you need more juice the car's gasoline engine takes over.

By combining the traditional engine with an electric motor the plug-in hybrid can keep fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to a minimum. The difference from the Hybrid electric is that the Plug-in hybrid has a more powerful electric motor and battery, and needs to be charged by plugging in a cord to a power outlet. Both hybrids are charged automatically when you brake, thanks to the regenerative braking or slowing down on descents. This will not only reduce your running costs dramatically but also your carbon footprint.

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