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Your car should make your life easier, not harder. Here are the Lynk & Co services that make mobility simple.
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Bundled simplicity.

The Care Plan is an optional add-on when you choose to buy your 01. We've bundled up everything you need (and a few convenient extras) all in one handy package, so all you have to do is drive. The Month-to-Month membership includes similar services as the Care Plan.

The Care Plan includes:

- Scheduled maintenance including pick up and return for appointments

- Remote software updates

- Health check of car and proactive planning

- Replacement mobility if your car is at the workshop

- Wi-Fi hot spot

- Customer care

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What's included in the Care Plan?

1. Maintenance and more.

More time on the road, less time in the workshop.

Don’t need another thing on your to-do list? No worries. We'll keep track of your scheduled maintenance for you. In fact, when it's time for maintenance, we'll even pick your car up, take it to the workshop, and return it. If service takes longer than a work day, you'll get an alternative mobility solution.


When and what?

Scheduled maintenance happens every second year or at 30 000 km, whichever comes first. We'll check technical parameters, replace any parts necessary, and do some software updates.

Wiper blades will be replaced from once every year to occurring at each schedule maintenance to ensure good visibility.

2. Connectivity.

3. Help.

Our support team is here for you! Just find the button on the ceiling of the 01 and give it a press. We'll help out with a phone fix, repair, or trip to a nearby workshop (by a third party supplier). We’ll also make sure you get a temporary mobility solution if needed.


Roadside assistance is standard for all and available throughout Europe, so you can feel secure wherever your adventures take you. 

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