Lynk & Co 01

Which membership is right for you?

You can choose between a flexible month-to-month offer and buying your very own 01.

Monthly membership
The monthly membership gives you flexibility and a mint-condition car with all things taken care of. No need to worry about scheduled maintenance, insurance, data and connectivity, roadside assistance, and all the other ‘car-things’. Instead, you can enjoy the hassle-free ride and cancel your membership whenever you like.

Lynk & Co Lease
Enjoy a new, fully equipped 01 with our lease offer. Customize your offer to suit your needs and budget. With leasing durations between 24 to 60 months, and a yearly mileage from 10 000km to 40 000km. Maintenance, RSA, Tire Service and Insurance included.

Buy a car
If you’re all in on the 01, you can go ahead and buy it brand-new! It’s loaded with all the awesome features as standard and includes the latest built-in connectivity features.