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Sharing: lending the car


If you can’t find the answer to your question below or you want to dive deeper how car sharing works for lenders please check the dedicated help center for lenders.

Ready to start sharing your car? Read more about the process and benefits here. 

Sharing is currently in BETA mode, which means we're continuously learning and improving. If you find a bug or have any trouble using the platform, please contact us. Enjoy the ride and let us know how it goes!

How does car sharing work? 

Lynk & Co offers a car sharing platform that allows members of the Lynk & Co community to “hire out” their Lynk & Co 01 (lenders) or “rent” a Lynk & Co 01 (borrowers). Lenders and borrowers can share cars using a peer-to-peer rental agreement. Car sharing is always optional, and you will never be required to share your car if you don’t want to. 

Requirements for lending your car