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With the 01, we like to say that “everything awesome comes standard”. That means that fun features and high-tech details come included with every 01.  

If you want to get all the details, check out the Car Guide or book a test drive and experience it all for yourself. For more information, you can also visit the car page

You can download here our recomendations about child car seats

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To maximise your experience with the 01, read our tire recomendations

You want to know more about the NCAP rescue information? Click on the car model you are interested in. 
For the HEV, click here
For the PHEV Model produced in 2021 or before, click here
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Car configuration

Ordering your 01 should be simple, so there are only a few decisions to make: you can choose your car's color, engine, and if you want to add a towbar to your 01. Once you have your car, you can personalize your settings with cloud-based driver profiles. 

Infotainment & connectivity