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Need a car for a month or for forever? We’ve got just the thing…
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Go wherever, whenever. 

All members get access to exclusive events, our sharing platform, and a service package that includes insurance and maintenance. And yes, you also get a cool car for as long as you want.

Month-to-month membership

If you need a little extra flexibility, look no further. This is the streaming platform of mobility: a month-to-month membership that gives you a car and which you can cancel any time.
Sign up for up to € 500 (incl. VAT) per month. Remember, you'll pay even less when you share your car with friends, family, and the Lynk & Co community!

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Mobility designed for your business.

Lynk & Co can help your organization achieve its sustainability targets, lower costs, and enjoy a hassle-free customer experience. Oh, and we make some really, really good cars too. Ready to make moves with Lynk & Co?

The built-in bonus

This car is pretty extra.

You shouldn’t need jargon or insider knowledge to get a great car. That’s why everything extra comes standard at Lynk & Co.