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Mobility on your terms

We’ve created a mobility service that fits your needs, not the other way around. It's a car that you can subscribe to, buy and share. No hassle, no hidden costs. All available at your fingertips.

What does membership mean?

A Lynk & Co membership is about more than a car. It connects you with our community, curated events, exclusive gear, and, yes, some very good cars.

Our community

Lynk & Co Community

Our membership community is made up of people that believe there’s a better way to move. We're shaking up the future of mobility together. And with our exclusive meetups, product drops, and other members-only perks, it might just be the most fun way to change the world.

Our Lynk & Co community

Membership with a car

Whether you’re testing the waters of car ownership or not interested in taking the plunge at all, the subscription membership offers a month-to-month plan that you can cancel any time. After a year, a couple of months or even after just one month. You decide. Not to mention, we’ll take care of the boring stuff—servicing, maintenance, and insurance (yawn)—so that you don’t have to.

Subscription - Month to month plan

Or even…

You’re all in. You’re ready to buy a car and you know what you want. We like that. We made this membership for you. When you buy a Lynk & Co car with a membership, you get access to the car’s full connectivity, our sharing platform, and scheduled servicing and maintenance. Because owning a car should be hassle-free, not make your life harder.


Membership without a car

This membership is for the people who don’t want a car but still need to use one every so often. We don’t like to play favorites, but this car was built for sharers—in fact, it’s the only car in the world with a built-in sharing platform! You can use our platform to borrow cars from your friends or the Lynk & Co community, as well as get access to all the same events and perks as other members.

Sharing membership