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01 software update
Install the latest software updates to keep your ride up-to-date for the smoothest driving experience possible.
Man and dog in 01 in nature

What's new?

Climate control updates:
  • AC bug fixes – air distribution improved

Infotainment updates:
  • Enhanced 360 camera screen view
  • Improved GPS location for car sharing in the mobile app
  • Spotify version 4.3.5, with resume listening from where it left off and other improvements
  • Start-up sound removed
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Before you start

  • Don’t charge the car or activate the parking lights (it’s okay to have the lights set on auto).
  • After starting the update, you won’t be able to use the car for about 70 minutes.
  • If for whatever reason you want to enter your car during the update, you will need to use a physical key.
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How to install the updates

  1. Go to Navigate → Settings → System → Car system updates.
  2. When you see the Software update message, tap “Install”, and then “Install now.”
  3. Leave and lock the car and wait 70 minutes for the installation to complete.

Software Update FAQ

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