Lend your 01.

Your 01 is made to be shared. 

With a car sharing platform and digital keys, it’s easy to lend out your car to friends, family, and well, whoever you want! When you use the car sharing platform, you’ll set your own price, schedule, and where the car is picked up and dropped off. Plus, you can share access to your car right from your Lynk & Co app. Oh, and don’t worry about your car. Our platform features a star rating system so that you can be sure it’s in good hands. P.S. You never have to share your car if you don’t want to. It’s 100% your choice.

A couple goes for street food with their blue Lynk & Co 01

The insurance stuff. 

Car sharing and insurance is included in your Month-to-Month Membership and if you own your car and opted in for insurance from us. So, all you need to do is turn on sharing! If you bought your 01 but chose to use a separate third party insurer, you will need to get written permission from your insurance provider to use car sharing. If you have a 01 through your company, contact us for more information about your sharing policy.

A group of friends inside a Lynk & Co 01 on a sunny day