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P2P Chat – Community Guidelines

We are thrilled to have you as part of our community. Our goal is to create a supportive and welcoming space for people to connect and share their interests, ideas, and experiences.

Here are some community guidelines to help you navigate our chat:

Be Kind and Respectful

We ask that you treat other members with kindness and respect. This means refraining from any language or behavior that could be considered spamming, derogatory, discriminatory, or harmful towards others.  Let's create a space where everyone feels valued and heard.

Engage in Constructive Conversation

We encourage discussion of car sharing related topics.  Please share your thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner, while  also being willing to listen and learn from others.

Avoid Unnecessary Conflict

We understand that disagreements may arise, but we ask that you handle them maturely and without resorting to personal attacks or insults. If a conversation becomes too heated or contentious, please take a step back and focus on finding common ground. Or if you're not comfortable with it, that's okay, you can move on.

Keep it Appropriate

We want to maintain a family-friendly environment that is free from any content that may be considered explicit or offensive. Please refrain from posting anything that could be considered inappropriate or offensive, including but not limited to sexually suggestive or violent content.

Stay tidy

Please strive to maintain a clean and organized platform by being mindful of unnecessary messages.

  • As a borrower, only message lenders that you are genuinely interested in booking from.
  • It is best to check the availability of cars one-by-one rather than reaching out to lenders in bulk.
  • As a lender, it is your responsibility to clarify booking details and offer basic troubleshooting support.
  • For everyone: No means no  . If a lender or a borrower is not interested in sharing/borrowing your car, accept their decision.
  • Try to reply to messages, even if it is  a rejection

Be Mindful of Others' Privacy

Protecting the privacy of our members is of utmost importance to us. Please don't share personal information or private conversations, neither of yourself nor of others, and keep your car sharing-related conversations on our chat platform.

Report any misconduct

The moderators do not monitor or review the messages before they are published, and as a result, Lynk & Co cannot be held accountable for any content posted by the community.  
If you encounter any behavior or content that violates our community guidelines, please report it to our moderators. They are here to help maintain a safe and positive environment for everyone. To do so they have the right to mute, block and remove users for violating our guidelines, they may do this at their own discretion. 

Enjoy Your Time Here

We hope you find value in being a part of our community and that our chat can be a source of joy and inspiration in your life. Thank you for joining us and for embracing these community guidelines.

We kindly remind you that this chat is intended for law-abiding purposes only. To ensure the safety and respect of everyone involved, we prohibit any use that may be considered illegal, fraudulent, malicious, or that may infringe on the rights of individuals, Lynk & Co, our Partners, Owners, and Vendors. Thank you for your cooperation.