Mobility offers

Replaceable parts for the 01

To keep your 01 in tip-top shape, Lynk & Co will provide you with replaceable parts during your subscription. Here you can read up on what’s included and what you can do yourself (we believe in you!).

Wiper blades

If you experience that the wiper blades do not clean your windshield properly, make sure that
the windshield is free from debris and that the wiper blades are clean. See Clean the wiperblades in the Car Guide.
If one or more of the following still occurs, it is time to replace the wiper blades:

  • The wiper blades leave streaks.
  • The wiper blades are skipping.
  • The wiper blades smear the dirt.
  • The wiper blades squeak.


How to order

Contact Lynk & Co when you need new wiper blades.

1. Even if only one wiper blade is less effective and needs replacing, it is best to replace both at the same
time, because the other one will probably need replacing soon enough.
2.  If you need to replace the wiper blades yourself, you will find instructions in the Car Guide. See Replace the front wiper blades, and Replace the rear wiper blade.

Snow socks

When the black inner layer is visible from the outside, it is time to replace the snow socks with new ones.
Minor cracks and holes, as well as a hairy peach-like surface, are nothing to worry about.

How to order

Contact Lynk & Co when you need snow socks.
Note: Do not throw away any snow socks you have received from Lynk & Co, even if they are old and worn. You are required to return all snow socks when you return the car to Lynk & Co.