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For your test drive to be the best possible, we’ve put together a few films that show how you get the most out of the many features of the 01. Have a nice ride!

The car

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  • Plug-in hybrid in black or blue
  • Maintenance, insurance and road tax included
  • Optional towbar
  • 1250 km/month (15 000 km/year)
  • 0,20 € per extra km

1. Introduction

Simon Tengberg from our Gothenburg Club gives a quick review of our plug-in hybrid and tells you what you need to now before the test drive.

2. Interior

Get comfy. Here’s how to adjust the seat, set the mood with interior lights and a bunch of other clever features worth some exploration.
00:00 – Wireless charging
00:13 – ECONYL®
00:34 – Interior lighting
00:57 – Seats and mirrors
01:35 – Mini guide

3. Display och app

In the display app is where the magic happens. Here you’ll find the GPS, climate controls, general info about the car and a whole bunch of fun in-car apps.

00:00 – Games
00:28 – Frank
00:56 – Restaurants near by
01:15 – Sharing
01:34 – Always online
01:58 – Co:lab
02:33 – Connect your phone
03:10 – Journey camera

4. Prepare for take off

Before you push the pedal to the metal (in moderation) there are some other stuff that’s good to know. For instance, the different driving modes and the parking assistant.
00:00 – Charging
00:24 – Unlock with your phone
00:39 – Driving mode
00:58 – Parkering assistance 
01:40 – Starting the car

Safety and Driver assistance


Everything included, safety as well


The 01, Lynk & Co’s first car to launch in Europe, scored in 2021 a full five stars from the prestigious European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP). The assessment puts vehicles through exhaustive crash tests to ensure reliability and quality. We don’t sell safety equipment as an expensive optional, instead, every 01 comes with all safety features as standard.
This is part of our commitment to the highest quality standards and design a car to last. That’s why the 01 comes with an included warranty for 4 years or 120.000 km.


Here are the most common questions we receive about the 01. Can not find an answer to your question? Get in touch through our help page, and we will help you.

If you want to get to know your car and it's functions, prepare your drive, or see child car seats recommendations, you can find that on the Lynk & Co's Car Guide.

Note, if you are also interested in the camshafts, engine cylinder and other tech-savy details, we also have the technical stuff.

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