Mobility offers
tailored to your needs

Bring your own lease

Our business lease services are perfectly tailored to your organization needs as a business driver. Everything 'business class' arranged!


Bring your own leasing solution

You want to lease a 01 through your own company leasing solution? Look no further!
We are connected to all leasing companies which makes it easy for your employer to place the order via the company leasing partner.

After your company leasing partner reached out to us we take care of the order for your 01. Only thing left for you to do is to create an account which we can connect to your 01 and allows you to use all the connected features of our App.

In need for a fleet?

If you’re looking for a fleet mobility solution for your business by buying more than just a single 01, reach out to us and a sales representative will contact to.


Want to know more? You can always get in contact with us to chat all things 01. But here are some of the most common questions we get.