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Lynk & Co Clubs don't look like car dealerships—and that's because they aren't car dealerships. They’re places to catch events, meet other members, find local art, and explore treasures from brands that inspire us. They’re the center of our community. There are no salespeople and no pressure. You can explore the 01, or just grab a coffee and get comfy. Of course, our friendly Club crew is always there to help you out. 

Get the full Lynk & Co experience at one of our Clubs or at a tour stop in your city.

… and okay, there’ll be a car there too.

Experience Lynk & Co in a city near you

Lynk & Co Tour 2022.

Check here for upcoming tour dates in France and Spain. Experience Lynk & Co on your own terms: good conversation, cool drinks, our favorite local brands, events, 01 test drives, and epic sunsets on the rooftop terrace!

Valencia,  June 15 - July 03

The Lynk & Co tour is finally coming to Spain, the lively Valencia!

Visit us at the Marina de Valencia to test drive the 01 in your own city. Plus, we're bringing along a few friends, some refreshing drinks, and plenty of surprises - so don't miss out!

Book a test drive here.

Plaça de L'aigua
(at the Marina de Valencia next to the 'La Pamela' sculpture)
46024 Valencia, Spain
How do I get there?

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday: 11:00 - 21:00

Get more details here.


Montpellier, May 25 - June 08

Marseille, May 01 - 19

Next tour locations...

We're just getting started! Stay tuned and come back to check this space as we add new tour stops in a city near you.


This is Gear from unique brands, local creatives and artists that inspire us.

In our club in Gothenburg you will find more than just a car. We have hand-picked a bunch of really good products from selected artists