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LYNK & CO 01





The look

The front of the Lynk & Co 01 has many shapes, which give it its own character. Look at the grill and the shape around and beneath it, the creases in the hood and fenders. One thing that really makes it stand out in the crowd and stick in the mind, is the placement of the lights.





Easy to drive

You don't see them, but this car is full of sensors for lights, safety, driver assistance, and semi-automatic parking. Additionally external mirrors are electrically adjustable, heated and folding automatically when the car is locked.





The profile

The sides have a triangular design element that serves as a lid for the charging input on the left hand side. We designed the 20” wheels with a special shape and part of the wheels in the same blue color as the accent trim on the body of the car.





Bring your stuff

The rear has an individual look, not least when it comes to the tail lights. The tailgate is power operated. You can open and close it via a button on the key or with the app. Inside your have 466 liters of volume. And much more if you fold one or two rear seat passengers.





From above

All versions have a large openable panoramic sunroof with laminated glass as standard. With the car in black, the shiny black rails match the rest of the car; in blue, the black rails add to the contrast effect of the black roof. Always metallic paint.

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