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Need a map? Or maybe an audiobook to keep you company? Check out the in-car infotainment system for your favorite apps and a few 01 exclusives to entertain, assist, and make every adventure better.


Only for you

All of our features are currently available for free. We will notify you in advance when these perks are discontinued. Subscribers will continue to have access to all of our features at no additional cost.

*Note: Availability of some services can vary depending on the market and time of launch.


Join your Meetings on the go.

The Meetings app and its integration with Microsoft Teams make it simple to take your voice calls with you wherever you go.
Journey Cam

Capture your trip

With the built-in Journey Camera, you can take selfies or capture the view outside. The photos and videos can be shared straight to your phone for easy social media posting.

Music (and more) to your ears


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Smarter journeys

Connect with Apple CarPlay and  Android Auto

Whether you are from the iOS or Android team, the 01 has both. Connect your phone wirelessly to use all the features of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.