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Lynk & Co collaborates with Göteborg Film Festival to support filmmakers, share stories, and offer unique experiences to our members.

Gothenburg Film Festival

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you can’t go on an adventure, so pop some popcorn and settle in to your comfiest armchair. Lynk & Co is partnering with the Gothenburg Film Festival to support filmmakers, share stories, and offer up unique experiences for our members.


Gothenburg Film Festival is Scandinavia's biggest film festival, and for the past two years, the festival has been held in cinemas around Gothenburg, as well as digitally throughout Sweden. The next film festival will be held between the 27th of January and the 5th of February 2023. About 300 films from 80 countries will be screened in Gothenburg cinemas during the festival. The digital audience in Sweden will simultaneously be invited to 50 exclusive festival premieres, interviews with filmmakers, talks and much more. So now you can decide for yourself whether to watch the film festival from the cinema, or from the comfort of your own sofa with a popcorn bowl within reach. During the festival, we at Lynk & Co will open up our club in Gothenburg as a meeting place for filmmakers and festivalgoers.

The fun doesn't end in February, however. The Göteborg Film Festival Open Air will be held towards the end of the summer – the next one will be on the 2nd of September 2022 – and the autumn holidays will see child and youth festival Göteborg Film Festival Prisma take place. The Draken Film digital streaming service, which offers quality films all year round, is always open.