Lynk & Co X Vässla: A ride for every road

A ride for every road

The way we move around our cities depends on our destination. You may ride your bike to work but take a tram to your best friends’ house. When you have to slog across the city with your keyboard to get to band practice, a car share makes more sense. You’re flexible with your mobility, and your mobility solutions should be flexible for you. Enter: Vässla, a Swedish micromobility brand. It may seem like a strange partnership at first glance. Traditionally, bikes and cars have an adversarial relationship—the cats vs. dogs of the mobility world… So, it’s a good thing that neither of us have ever cared much about tradition.


We’ll be carrying the Vässla bike in our online store and in our Clubs. In fact, our Amsterdam Club will even be the first to resell the bike in the Netherlands. But our partnership runs deeper than that. It’s not just about cars or bikes. We share a commitment to greener urban mobility: helping you get where you’re going as easily and sustainably as possible, whatever your ride of choice. To celebrate our partnership, we teamed up to make Lynk & Co X Vässla: A ride for every road. The film is a journey through our hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden, as seen from the Lynk & Co 01 and the Vässla bike. You’ll be able to find the Vässla bike on our online Gear store, coming soon!