The journey is always better together. That’s why we’re honored to join West Pride in building a future that’s open, inclusive, and always moving forward.

Lynk & Co X West Pride

Equality, diversity, and inclusion don’t just happen by chance—they’re active choices and commitments that we make every day. That’s why it’s so important to work with partners like West Pride, Gothenburg’s LGBTQI festival, to grow our team and support our community. West Pride’s primary goal is to support LGBTQI people in our hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden but they also aim to connect with people across Sweden and the world. There’s always more work to be done to create safe, comfortable spaces where everyone can thrive. That’s why we’re so grateful to team up with West Pride to learn, grow, and become the workplace we want to be. Moving forward, we’ll participating in workplace training with West Pride to learn more about diversity and LGBTQI issues. We’ll also be taking part in the West Pride festivities, celebrating the LGBTQI community in Gothenburg and the activism of past generations, from 27 September to 3 October.

Like Lynk & Co, Odlingsbolaget Svalan is reimagining what a city can be and working to use urban space more efficiently. They operate a small farm just outside of Gothenburg, but they also use small spaces around the city—like Joel’s tattoo shop and the roof of a hotel—to produce in-season vegetables. And it isn’t just about how the food is grown, of course. Odlingsbolaget Svalan sells their food directly to customers (no middlemen or intermediaries) and deliver the veggies using the Lynk & Co 01. For Albertsson, the 01’s fuel efficiency was the initial draw, but he’s also intrigued by the idea of a future built around car sharing to use cars more efficiently. Watch the video to learn how Odlingsbolaget Svalan is using the 01.