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You and your car are in good hands

Lending your car to a stranger is not always easy. Don't worry: We've got your back when it comes to insurance, roadside assistance, and handling those unexpected road bumps.
Sharing your car allows you to not only make some extra money but also new friendships and actively contribute to your community.

Damages during a booking

If you notice any damage that you believe occurred during a car-sharing booking, you can easily report it through the mobile app's Help & Support Center with just a few clicks. This way, you can conveniently monitor insurance claims, compensation, and repair progress.

However, if the car has a more significant damage that requires a visit to the workshop, don't worry. We'll notify you, discuss the necessary repairs, provide you with information on alternative cars, and do our best to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

You're always covered

Your subscription car is covered from the moment a borrower unlocks it until they lock it after the trip.

If you bought your 01, you may need to check with your insurance provider for additional coverage if you want to share your car.

For more details, check our Terms & Conditions. Your car is in good hands.

Backed by Roadside Assistance

Every car listed on our platform is required to have RSA.
When you share your car, all borrowers are automatically covered by the lender's RSA throughout the sharing period.

For in-depth information about our Roadside Assistance, including how it works and what's covered during the journey, take a look at our detailed Roadside Assistance Policy.

Penalty notice, fines and tickets during the booking

The borrower is accountable for violation they may incur during a car-sharing session. If you receive a ticket or a fine days or weeks after a booking has ended, you can report it and we will pass it on to the borrower.

Still got questions?

Want to start sharing your car but still got some questions? Find all the answers in the Help Center.

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