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CITIES REIMAGINEDYour city, but greener
What do the people of Europe really want their cities to look like? We hit the streets to ask you just that. And then we visualized it to show that it's all within reach.

The Cities Reimagined survey

With the report “Cities Reimagined by Lynk & Co”, we set out to learn how Europeans enjoy their cities today and how they would like to shape their cities for tomorrow.

Together with Ipsos, we conducted a new survey with over 8000 respondents in eight European capital cities; London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Brussels.

Fewer cars, more space to live

We asked 8000 people in major European cities about how they would transform their city if there were fewer cars. Here's what they told us.

Car sharing is the way forward

In particular, young Europeans are ready to embrace car sharing. We found that among respondents aged 25-34 years-old, 66% feel positively towards car sharing.

No matter what age you are, car sharing opens up valuable urban space. Want to learn more? Click the button below.

More cities reimagined

See how other European capital cities could look if we used less space for cars and more space for people and nature.

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