Mobility offers

Traveling with your 01

Prepare your car for your road trip to avoid any surprises and enjoy your holidays to the fullest with the 01.

Prepare the 01

The 01 monitors all fluid levels and will notify you if levels get low, so you know when to fill them up.
Recommended tire pressure can be found on the inflation label on the B-pillar on the driver’s side, or by simply following the link below.

Caravan and Trailer

Always check the maximum towing capacity and the attachment instructions for the car with your engine type.

IMPORTANT: For Subscription offer, included insurance does not cover for any caravan or trailer. Contact an external insurance company to add this option.

Car app

Pretty Near

Pretty Near shows you interesting, beautiful, and fun places in the world while you travel! Discover as you drive and let Frank tell you all about places nearby.
Find Pretty Near in the Infotainment Appstore in your 01.

Our clubs

Stop by and say hi

Travelling through Europe in your 01? Stop by our clubs and enjoy a great cup of coffee. With more than 10 clubs around Europe, do not miss out on an opportunity to meet our great team.