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You can read the full details of our subscription offer insurance policy by downloading the pdf summary, here.

  • Every subscription car is insured to cover the car itself and third-party liability.
  • The car can be driven by the contract holder and members of the same household who fulfill the requirements for our subscription. Read more about who can drive the car here.
  • The damage handling fee for your subscription car is up to €1000/8500SEK per individual accident. If the cost for repair is less, you pay that lower amount instead. Read more here.
Scheduled maintenance
  • With the 01’s connected features, there’s no need to keep track of your own maintenance schedule.
  • We’ll send you a reminder when it's time for service!
  • Choose your country in the  market selector to book your preferred Lynk&Co contracted workshop found in our workshop locator.

Car updates

You'll get regular updates over the air to give you latest and greatest apps and connectivity. Start your updates whenever is most convenient for you. Plus, your car will get health checks through the cloud every second week so we can proactively plan for maintenance. All in all? Less time in the workshop and more time on the road.

No matter how long you’re a member, you’ll always have a fresh 01. That's why we'll exchange your car for a fresher 01 after a while. We’ll get in touch with you when it’s time for a car swap.

Roadside assistance

If you anything goes wrong on the road, we'll be here to help out and take the car to the nearest workshop.

Car sharing

Share your car with your friends, family, and the wider Lynk & Co community. Set your own price, schedule, and pick-up/drop-off location to earn some extra money. Join us in making mobility accessible and sustainable for everyone!

Learn more about car sharing

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